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Hi! I’m Mandy – a bookkeeper for self-employed service providers. I provide efficient back-office bookkeeping for consultants, real estate agents, consultants, creatives, and other “super-small” businesses.

My done-for-you books and non-judgmental support will help you understand your numbers, stay compliant, breeze through tax time, and grow your business to 6 or 7 figures effortlessly.


Hey, friend! I've got some bad news for you.

Selling more is often viewed as the key to success… but that’s not always true. You can’t make up for a negative profit margin by increasing sales.

Multiply a negative and… you’ll only compound the losses.

Despite advice from a typical business coach, you MUST pursue holistic money mastery to make better decisions. 

Passing off your books to a professional can be helpful, but only if you understand the reports they send you.

Financial literacy means:

  • Understanding your profit margin percentage %
  • Knowing your leads, conversion rate, and follow-up %
  • Knowing your breakeven point and pricing for margin growth
  • Tracking profitability per deal or client
  • Holding your expenses accountable to produce revenue
  • Monitoring your balance sheet, taxes, paycheck, & cash flow
  • Selecting the right entity type to save money on taxes
  • Balancing non-financial success metrics and time
  • And a whole lot more! 

The bad news?

  • Business coaches often focus on magic bullets or single-lever solutions (i.e. more sales or better marketing).
  • Many jack-of-all-trade accountants are too busy to help self-employed professionals in a meaningful way.
  • CPAs often use confusing industry jargon and don’t have time to explain your results.
  • Tax preparers rely on your numbers, while you rely on THEM to ensure it’s “done right.” No one is looking in-depth to ensure the numbers are actually right!
  • Tax preparers are only looking for the “gist” of your business to get the taxes done – they aren’t in it for your long-term success.

It’s no wonder so many businesses fail in the first few years! 

"Sales without profit is just more WORK."

-Jack Stack

The Good News?

Approachable Money help is here.

Instead of hiring a run-of-the mill business or marketing coach… let’s optimize your entire business from prospects to owner’s equity. 

Instead of relying on a jack-of-all-trades CPA… master your numbers with a CPA who understands small business inside and out. 

Instead of guessing how much to pay yourself… create a profit plan. 

So What Is It?

Better Bookkeeping for
Self-Employed Professionals

Get financially confident and take home more money!

Bookkeeping + Coaching

Done-For-You Bookkeeping

You’ll get monthly or quarterly QBO bookkeeping to make better business decisions. You’ll never have to scramble at tax time again, and you’ll understand your performance each month. 

tax savvy strategies

Stress-Free Tax Time

While I don’t prepare tax returns, I’ll coordinate with your tax preparer for a seamless experience. I can also recommend tax strategies that can save you thousands. 

INcrease Your Knowledge

Take Home More Money

Small business can be hard to juggle. Learn how to create a profit plan, pay yourself, understand financial statements, implement payroll, and more with on-demand support. 

Estimated Payments

No More Surprise Tax Bills

Understand your income, withholding, and estimated payments. Know exactly how much tax to pay throughout the year (and how much is left to pay yourself!)

Financial Statements

Translate Information to Action

You can’t manage what you don’t measure! By keeping tabs on key business metrics and per-deal profitability, you can make more money and have more time for what matters.


Plan for the Future

Most accountants only summarize the past. You’ll learn how to ensure your past, present, and future success. Save, scale, and retire sooner than you planned. 

How to Read a Profit and Loss Statement

How to Read Profit & Loss: A Guide for Self-Employed Professionals

Bookkeeping + on-demand Support

How It Works

1 - Get My FREE Guide

Get your FREE copy of How to Read a Profit and Loss to kickstart your journey to a better business. 

2 - Become a Client

Services include done-for-you bookkeeping, payroll, and on-demand support for your business questions. Request a free proposal to get started.

3 - What You'll Get

Clients get bookkeeping and/or payroll services, feedback, and answers to accounting, payroll, and tax questions at any time. 

Who I Work With

Bookkeeping for Self-EMployed Service Providers
Real Estate Agents
Consultants & Coaches
Small Law Firms
Financial Advisors
Insurance Agents
+ More!
About Me

Oh, hey there!

My name is Mandy Scheller. 

I’m a CPA, bookkeeper, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. My husband and I have two beautiful girls and live in Colorado. I’m probably a lot like you! 

Becoming self-employed is not for the faint of heart. Between managing employees, vendors, bookkeeping, marketing, social media, and more while still having time for family… it can be more than we signed up for! 

No judgment here… I’ve been in your shoes. 

I’m a CPA with a Master’s degree in accounting, and it still took me years to understand the “numbers stuff.” I started out as a self-employed graphic designer, and decided to learn accounting to round out my skillset. 

I started Own It Accounting after working 7 years for traditional CPA firms. 

These firms were experienced, but the execution and delivery was slow, outdated, and inefficient. They were extremely busy with mundane work – and solo entrepreneurs often slipped through the cracks as a result. 

Many small business owners have no idea if expenses are reasonable or how much to set aside for taxes. 

I believe self-employed professionals can and should UNDERSTAND their own finances in order to make it for the long-haul. 

I help prepare your books, but also help you understand what the numbers mean. 

Get started with my FREE Guide: How to Read a Profit and Loss.

To Your Success,

Mandy Scheller