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Request a Free Proposal to get started. 

I will review your information and reach out to you with the next steps. 

I specialize in helping self-employed service-based professionals with bookkeeping, payroll, and 1099s. 

I do not provide services for publicly traded companies, non-profits, or provide attestation or income tax services of any kind. 

Mandy Scheller, the founder of Own It Accounting has a B.S. and an M.S. in Accountancy and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Colorado. 

However, I can take clients from anywhere in the US.  

No – due to the personal nature of pass-through entities, I do not provide tax preparation services. I help you prepare your books for your tax preparer and make the process as seamless as possible. 

This means I have more time to help you scale and grow your business and provide on-demand answers to your business, financial, and accounting questions any time of the year. 

All new clients will get a diagnostic bookkeeping review. If you need bookkeeping catch-up, we can provide an individualized proposal. 

If you are behind on taxes, we can help you prepare the books for those years, but do not file any returns. You’ll need to find a tax preparer (that we can coordinate with) to help you get your old returns filed.

At this time, we do not service non-profits. We recommend The Charity CFO

Everything we do is online from onboarding, read-only bank access, secure document sharing, e-signatures, and even hiring the right people to serve you. 

Because we do not have a brick-and-mortar office, we can focus on providing a more stellar client experience.

Since we are virtual and located in many time zones, we do not meet clients in-person. But our video calls and messaging will provide the human touch you are looking for, and I promise you won’t feel like an afterthought.

We service clients all over the United States. You need to be a US-Based entity or individual with a valid IRS Tax ID number (and can help you get one if needed).

We typically refer expats to a specialist. 

We do not service any entities, individuals, or business bank accounts located outside of the USA.

Pricing is per legal entity and/or set of books – so each business will need its own account. If you have more than 1 DBA under 1 legal entity and 1 set of books with activities combined, that counts as 1 business. 

We require in-house bookkeeping to help you grow your business and ensure everything is correct. If you are looking for payroll or CFO services only, we can provide a referral. 

No – Own It Accounting focuses on bookkeeping and on-demand CPA advice for self-employed professionals. We use Gusto or ADP for payroll and don’t provide standalone payroll services. 

No – I can provide a high-quality referral if needed.

For bookkeeping, we require Quickbooks Online (QBO). We can help you switch if needed.  We don’t service any other accounting software. We can get up to a 30% software discount if billed through our firm. 

For payroll, we use Gusto or ADP. We do not pay for payroll software and your account will be billed directly with your provider.

We do not file sales tax returns as our focus is on service-based entrepreneurs. 

There is only a 30-day cancellation notice period. 

Very few of our clients leave, but if you need to for some reason, we will make your transition pain-free.